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Volunteer with CADS-NS!

CADS - Nova Scotia cannot function without our awesome group of volunteers!  Volunteers facilitate adaptive lessons and help to create life changing experiences for our members!  Volunteers are offered training and certification from highly trained CADS Course Conductors in order to provide the best experience possible for our members.  

Are you interested in volunteering? 

Send our Program Coordinator, Marc and email at:

Do you want to become a CADS Instructor?

CADS National and CADS-NS offer a bottom up approach to certification programs, touching each competency and ensuring ways for instructors to offer value at each skill level. Our programs help to develop a rich set of instruction skills in each member at a pace that reflects the participants' lifestyle and involvement.​


Are you thinking of becoming a CADS Certified Instructor?


Help support and include students and participants of all abilities on the hill. There are two instruction pathways to follow: 

The Ski Certification pathway or the Snowboard Certification pathway. The crossover certifications allow instructors to utilize both platforms.

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