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Participant & Athlete Development

CADS-NS ensures participants continue receiving value and development over the course of their involvement in programs and on the ski hills. In fact, many of our participants discover such a sense of belonging during their involvement, they continue on to become instructors and volunteers with CADS themselves. Our history and our continued longevity in the Nova Scotia ski and snowboard would not be possible without our participants and athletes and allows us to see these individuals grow up and become the very best they can be, on and off the hills.

CADS-NS & Community Development

CADS-NS works to empower people with disabilities through participation in adaptive snowsports and none of this would be possible without the amazing people and organizations that support our programs and participants throughout Nova Scotia. 

Long-Term Participant and Athlete Development

Active for Life opportunities
Fostering athlete development – Paralympic
Detailed education & training
Needs specific training
Long-Term development in sport and physical activity
Developing physical literacy

Sport Development

Development and training of the foundations of adaptive skiing & snowboarding
Progression along the CADS pathway
Professional development opportunities
Environmental Stewardship program
Outreach to develop Adaptive Snowsport accessibility

Program Development

Integrate quality Snowsports into grassroot programs
Adaptive equipment accessibility
Develop instructors to meet the needs of participants & athletes
Encourage community involvement, volunteerism and leadership
Annual Ski & Snowboard Festival

CADS -NS & Para-Alpine

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